Penguin Travel – Falkland Islands

In late 2012, I was commissioned to redesign Penguin Travel’s website for the first time since it had been launched in the early noughties.

The website was in desperate need of a modern touch, involving the use of social media for their customer base and a brand new intuitive, eye-catching design.

During a visit to the Falkland Islands in 2015, I was contacted again to look at the possibility of redesigning the website again, making use of new material from the new excursions that were on offer. I happily accepted and built the current website that has been in use since early 2016, making radical changes in design and ease-of-use, applying knowledge that I had gained in recent times as well as the inclusion of new online services such as the ability to book airport transfers.

Since the launch of the new website, Penguin Travel’s fan base on Facebook has grown by over 200%, reaching people from all over the world.